About Us

Our Mission
  • Access to high-quality education.
  • Enhance online learning.
  • Advance Capitaschool through courses designed by professionals.
Our Story

With the governments thrust on Digital India, there is robust opportunity for eLearning platform. Capitaschool envisages deepening the penetration of digitized content in the education system.

The Capitaschool platform transforms the way of imparting knowledge, enabling up-gradation of stock market skills anywhere, any time.

Capitaschool breaks down classroom barriers and introduces students to a whole range of courses to stay abreast of the latest practices in the financial markets domain to stay ahead in a manner that is affordable and accessible.

Capitaschool has introduced a host of cloud-based courses that facilitates studentinteraction.

Who we are
  • Capitaschool is a leading platform to provide online education and finance-related courses.
  • Capitaschool is an online learning platform imparting knowledge about financial markets to individuals,corporate executives and management students to know financial markets. These courses offer study material from basics to in-depth, with multimedia-rich content. We offer certification programs based on courses.
  • We offer free and paid courses. The courses cover themes that can be used actively and are simple, accurate and robust.
  • Any organization can become a partner with Capitaschool to provide these courses, conduct online test and download certificate. The certification will enhance the job profile of the candidate.
Capitaschool Benefits
Scalable, Efficient & Fast

There is facility to create login, understand the course details and read the study material throughout the course. Exams can be given quickly to get evaluated online and certified.

Capacity & Consistency

The certification earned after completed Capitaschool course makes the successful candidate ready to tackle challenges in their jobs by applying their knowledge to real-life situations.

Save time & Money

Capitaschool reduces time away from the workplace to gain knowledge. No travel costs and expensive classroom- based training.


User will have the flexibility to learn at a pace and location of his choice.

Meet Our Helpdesk
Our Helpdesk is geared to offer advice and support throughout your journey. The aim is to provide solutions to the problems.

Always on hand You can view the summary and the entire course details after registering. All fields can be accessed for free.

Helps and discussion Our helpdesk is available to help you navigate to get the details you want.

Update and Enhancement Timely updates and enhancements of curriculum online will ensure that you get the latest information to help you in your career.

Where you will be

Capitaschool certifications helps individuals build exceptional careers in financial services, across business, banking and consultancy sectors and enables organizations to form a skilled and confident staff. Capitaschool certification courses ensures that individuals are familiar with broad knowledge of financial principles and theories. Our home study online finance course will teach you everything you need to know to become a finance professional. Our online finance course will give you the skills you need to prepare finance professionally, even with no previous experience.