With the Capitaschool “Gift a Course” feature, you can send a course as a gift to an individual or group whom you believe might require the course to advance in their chosen career. If the gift recipient does not have a Capitaschool account, they will need to create an account before redeeming the gift. In my statistics>>Gift statistics will contain details of the sender and receiver of the gifted course. Simply fill the recipient’s email address and send the course.
Offer !

Discount will be given on gifting more than TWO courses to an individual or to a group of more than TWO recipients.

User TypeCourse CountUser CountDiscount(%)
Individual(I) - 1 -
Individual(II) - 1 -
Group(I) 12-60
Group(II) 13-55
Steps For Gift A Course

Click on the “Gift a Course” icon.

Select whom you want to gift the course:Individual or Group.

Select a course you want to gift. (Please note that, you can gift single or multiple courses to an individual but you can gift only a single course to a group).

Provide recipient’s correct email id.

Select a suitable payment mode and proceed for payment.

Once our system receives your payment, then the gifted course will be mailed to the recipient's email id with all details.

User receiving the gifted course should use same email id mentioned in the Gift form.

The validity of the gifted course will be enabled when the sender’s payment is received.

Wrap your gift

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I purchase a gift?

    Two easy steps:
  1. Fill the form below and complete the Cheque/Online payment.
  2. Allow 1-3 business days for the Capitaschool team to process your request and send the gift to the recipient with a special message from you.

Who can gift a course and to whom?

Any registered user can gift courses to anyone having a valid email id.

To how many people can we gift a course?

The gift sender can choose to gift courses to as many as 10 people. He/she will have to purchase those many subscriptions to gift away.

Can I gift one course to more than one person?

Yes! One course can be gifted to 10 persons at a time.

How do I redeem a gift course?

Each gifted course comes with an unique URL. The code can be entered during the checkout process on our website, given to a customer representative when ordering over the phone, or writing in the order form in our catalogs.

Will the validity of the course start from my date of purchase?

YES! The validity starts from the day you assign the course to your user/gift receiver.